Help inspire the doers and give it a goers of the future.

Together, we help them take a deep breath, ignore the butterflies, and go for it. If you want to get involved as a volunteer then contact us.



6-8 Yrs

Monday 17:30 – 18:45


8-10 Yrs

Wednesday 18:30-20:00


10-14 Yrs

Tuesday 19:15-21:15

GSL’s Message

At the 3rd Wolverton we aim to provide your children with the tools they need to develop skills for life. We do this through providing an extensive and varied programme that will complete different aspects of badge work, each section will be working towards their highest award which is the Chief Scouts award.

The Programme offered is developed by each sections leadership team, as your children progress through the sections they will be given more and more opportunities to control the programme. This enables them to develop forward planning, team work and leadership skills, all of which are vital skills.

At the 3rd we offer a wide range of programme options, we are able to use our own facilities to support a full and exciting programme.

Our vision for 2023

By 2023 we will have prepared more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme.

We will be growing, more inclusive, shaped by young people and making a bigger impact in our communities.

By 2023 we will have

50,000 more young people aged 6-18 in Scouts

10,000 more frontline adult volunteers (Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders)

5,000 more Young Leaders

Youth Shaped

Over the last four years, there has been a growing momentum to ensure young people are shaping their experiences and taking on leadership roles at Scouts. We want to continue to build on this.

About Us

We provide your kids with the tools they need to develop skills for life.

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