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The Adventure


The Scout Troop is the third section of the Scout Group following on from Beavers and Cub Scouts. They are young people aged between 10 ½ and 14.Clothing logo

Our Troop follows a traditional model of Scouting with a mixture of formal and ceremonial aspects And modern and fun aspects. Our activities vary from those which require skill like climbing, pioneering and physical activities like sports and athletics, Adventurous activities like sailing and canoeing.

We often enter competition events like Cheshire Hike. And camp with the district as well as troop camps. We run all year round and engage in international experiences and challenging activities.

A Scout Prayer

O God, bless all Scouts everywhere,

  Teach us as true Scouts to fear Thee and to be fearless,

   To serve Thee and to be Thy fellow workers,  

    And give us grace to keep our threefold vow,      

  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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