Chester Zoo Visit 2016


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On A Saturday  on a sunny August day in 2016, some of our cubs visited Chester Zoo.  They were in the zoo the whole day and learned about a large number of animals from around the world. Here Is a little glimpse:



            img_1719img_1709 img_1708 img_1702 img_1694 img_1684 img_1681 img_1673 img_1667 img_1661 img_1656 img_1643  14102662_10207402219878723_174941441474830495_n 14100269_10207402210198481_3478988395673852322_n 14068210_10207402213278558_9015968323853494898_n img_172514067552_10207402263079803_7804130160096646309_n 14067478_10207402245039352_8097230975862705063_n 14045671_10207402257639667_9206444138983223799_n 13962642_10207402260839747_510744265266671820_n










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