Cub Uniform


Cub Uniform



The Scout Association is a uniformed movement as such a Cub will need one to join. It is important to wear the uniform smartly, tidily and properly. It is a sign or respect and a sign of your identity, it tells a leader that you are able to look after yourself and that you can be trusted with tasks. Our Organisation is Uniformed and Uniform must be worn when going to an activity. Cubs should come to meetings well presented, clean hands and face, trimmed nails, and reasonably tidy hair. And should bring any equipment or clothing asked to provide for the activity.

Cub Scout Jumper:

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Green Jumper bought from the scout shop, once invested your scout badges are sewn on in the correct places. The jumper should be clean, and smart and the badges sewn on correctly ans smartly. This is part of your responsibility to yourself and others.
Blue activity trousers or school blacks with multiple pockets with a scout belt ideally but not compulsory as of yet (Except on parades and special occasions. They should be clean and ironed also. You should have a handkerchief in the pocket. In summer blue or black shorts of the same style are often permissible.  Cub Scout Trousers And Belt:

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Neckerchief & Woggle:


 This is a rolled triangle scarf which is tradition in scouting held together by a woggle. It should be rolled tight and even tip should be no longer than 2 rolls at the back (unless there is a badge restricting it, the “legs” at the front should be the same length and the woggle level with the collar. The colours have significance to the troops’ history, two colour usually indicate to groups merged sometime in the past. Ours is black with a red stripe. Woggle Colour indicates the Six the cub belongs to.
Cub T-Shirt are required for activities where uniforms are not worn. A Cub Cap is also permitted during activities. If uniforms are removed they should be put tidily out of the way and not left on the floor.  Cub Cap and T-Shirt:Image result for cub scout t shirt uk

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Badge Positionsunif

m-cs-mb Membership/ Fellowship Badge: This is common to all scouts in all sections throughout the world  Image result for participation awards cubs uk  Joining In: Awards one for every year of membership
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