Cub Promise And Law

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Cub Scout Promise & Law



Scouting is run around a set of values which help develop children into healthy and productive members of society. At cub age the member is expected to make a Promise of duty and service. Cubs Follow a version of he Scout Law which moulds them into good citizens. This is also reflected in the scout Emblem.


Cub Scout Emblem:

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The Royal Purple background signifies Service and Leadership. The White or Silver signifies Purity. These are the values common to scouting.

The rope circle represents the unity of the scouting family, tied with a reef knot depicting the strength of the bond.

The Arrow:


Commonly mistaken for a fleurdelis the middle symbol is in fact the compass arrow found on maps, the founder took this as the “North point ” direction.

There are 2 Stars one representing truth the other knowledge each with 5 points which represent the original 10 scout laws.

Arrow Features:

The arrowhead has 3 sections reflecting the scout promise, bound by a bond showing the family of scouting:


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Some Alternatives To the Promise:

In modern times the Promise can be altered to reflect other faiths and beliefs as it is only fitting to make a promise you can keep.

In most cases the Word god can be substituted for another word for God, or Dharma, or in the case of no God then “Uphold Scouting Values”.

For immigrants they may wish to use “the country I now live in” in stead of “the Queen”.

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