Our Cub Leaders


Meet The Team

The Scout Movement is a uniformed organisation with a leadership structure. The Leaders are Organised into Section Leader, Assistant Section Leaders,  And Young Leaders. The Pack is then Managed under the Group Scout Leader.
The Section Leader Is responsible, for the overall program and direction of the pack, The administration of the Pack including recording badge work and managing the finances. They also have the overall responsibly for the care of the Cubs.  Assistants and Young Leaders  are there to aide and facilitate the running of the Pack. The names of the Leaders Correspond to the names of characters from Rudyard Kiplings Jungle Book.


These Are The Leaders Of Our Pack:

The Group Scout Leader

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Bagheera- Mr Jamie Barlow


The Section Leader

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Kaa- Mrs Paula Ostridge


The Assistant Section Leaders

Mowgli- Mrs Marilyn Norbury   

Rikki- Mr Josh Wright 

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